La Grande Rifle & Pistol Club

Sporting High Power

Sporter Rifle High Power

This event requires a center fire rifle not weighing over 9.5 pounds including the magazine but not the sling.

The rifle must hold at least four rounds. Any sights are allowed and a sling may be used on all but the off-hand position.. Up to five sighting shots are allowed and then 32 shots for record.

These are fired as follows: 8 shots prone slow-fire 8shots standing slow-fire 8 shots sitting or kneeling rapid-fire 8 shots prone rapid-fire In the rapid-fire phases, the shooters are in position with four rounds loaded and are given 30 seconds to fire the four rounds. Then, they are given time to load four more rounds and fire them in another 30 second interval. One minute per shot (single loaded) is allowed for the slow-fire phases.

Our matches are shot at 100 yards on the SR-1 (reduced 200 yd) target. At ranges where there are target pits, the SR target is used at 200 yards.

All LGRPC matches start at 9:00 am and are usually finished by noon. State championship matches are held yearly - alternating between Powder River Sportsman's Club at Baker City and Tri-County Gun Club at Sherwood. These State matches are two day affairs and require the course to be fired three times.

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