Located in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, the La Grande Rifle & Pistol Club is a members-only shooting club with a 300-yard rifle range, a 100-yard mixed-use range, 10 pistol bays, and a .22 Trail Walk course. We are a group of firearms and sporting enthusiasts, many who gather regularly to hone competitive and defensive skills, and to have family-friendly fun learning together.

All members have gate combinations to access the ranges, and may use the facilities at any time dawn to dusk seven days a week, unless a scheduled event is underway.

Our annual Membership is very reasonably priced, making the Club a cost-friendly venue to join whether you live nearby or far away. Our facilities are well-maintained, clean and inviting, and a great destination for a day visit on a family getaway.

As a volunteer members-only operation, we do not have an office or a full time employee on site. Please contact us for more information about non-member visits.

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Explore the disciplines and join the fun.

Explore the disciplines and join the fun.