.22 Silhouette

steel silhouette target shaped like a pig

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Summer Silhouette

Summer season .22 Long Range Silhouette matches are designed to increase accuracy using the specific gun and ammo, and challenge the shooter’s ability to read the mirage and wind.

Matches are shot from the bench at 35, 50, 100, 150,  and 200 meters at small steel targets, and at 300 yards shooting larger steel targets.

Winter Silhouette   

Winter season .22 Rim Fire Silhouette matches offer shooters of all ages an opportunity to maintain offhand shooting skills at closer distances.  

Matches fees are affordable, ammunition is relatively inexpensive, and great for the whole family. Juniors and Peewees shoot for free.  

We have added several targets generally not associated with standard silhouettes. We begin with 5 knock-down steel targets: a Chicken at 25 yards, Pig at 50 yard, Turkey at 75 yards, Ram at 100 yards, and Bear at 125 yards. At 140 yards, a Sasquatch target stands firm.

Our matches do not conform to NRA rules, which allows us to shoot varied targets up to 150 yards. It is fun and challenging, all at the same time.

Thirty (30) rounds of ammo are needed to shoot through the Winter course once, and we usually shoot through the course twice. Bring 60+ rounds for the full match.

Winter flyer (PDF)

Young shooter April joined us in April.

young shooter in sitting position

Schedule & Location

First Sunday:
May – August (Summer season)
December – April (Winter flyer)

Summer: 300-Yard Range
Winter: 100-Yard Range

Sign-up: 8:30am

Match time: 9am

Fees & Participation

Match fees: $5

PeeWees and Juniors shoot free.

PeeWees must be accompanied by a non-shooting adult.

See details in description above for requirements by age groups.


Required/Recommended Gear


  • Eye and ear protection
  • 60+ rounds of .22LR rimfire only (no magnums or .17HMR, etc.)
  • Rifle or pistol – any sights
  • Dress appropriate for weather; entire match is outdoors.


  • Any other ammo not listed above