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Discipline Director: Dick Hohstadt

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Four rifle categories are permitted in shooting a registered, benchrest match: Varmint for Score Rifle, Hunter Rifle, Factory Rifle, and Tactical Rifle.

The match is fired at 100, 200, and occasionally 300 yards. There is a warm up match and 5 targets for record at each yardage. A shooter has 7 minutes to fire 5 rounds for record, with unlimited sighters at each yardage. The use of wind flags is permitted.

Rifle Event Definitions

Varmint for Score (VFS) – Any bolt action rifle weighing 13.5 lbs or less, any power scope any caliber, except magnums. Tuners are permitted, but muzzle brakes are not permitted.

Hunter Rifle (HBR) – Any bolt action rifle weighing l0 lbs, scope limited to 6X power, tuners are permitted, muzzle brakes are not permitted, no magnum calibers

Factory Rifle – Just as stated from the factory any bolt action rifle, barrel must be factory, aftermarket triggers are permitted, any power scope, and no muzzle brakes or tuners allowed. No magnum calibers. Maximum weight 17 lbs. Maximum cost of rifle $2,000.00.

Tactical Rifle – any bolt action tactical rifle, no magnum calibers, no clam shaped muzzle brakes, any scope. Rifle must be used single shot for the match. Flat stock forends are permitted not wider than 2.25 inches wide. Suppressors are permitted. Max weight 27lbs. Glass bedding is permitted.

Note: All rifles must utilize a separate front and rear rest system. In other words, no one-piece rests are permitted. All weight limits stated include the scope and any accessories on the rifle during firing. Tactical Class can opt to use a monopod in lieu of a rear bag.

Schedule & Location

May – September

300-Yard Range

Match time: 9am start

Fees & Participation

Match fees: $20 per event

Youth shoot free

Youth must be supervised by adult


Required Gear

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Separate front and rear rest systems
  • No one-piece rests permitted
  • Weight limits include scope and accessories in use during firing