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grande ronde muzzleloaders at the twenty-nineteen rendezvous

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Grande Ronde Muzzleloaders was established in 1972 to help promote the sport of muzzle-loading, and to help new shooters to load, shoot and clean their guns. We help anyone who wants to have fun at competition shooting in a safe fashion. The Club’s black powder discipline also works with ODFW to promote better black powder hunting seasons.

Muzzle-loading sport gives it’s fans a good excuse to dress up in the old-time mountain man gear, build their own rifles, and learn the skills of an earlier time.

This is a family-oriented venue that allows kids of all ages, from five to ninety, to get together to for a friendly shooting competition safely enjoying muzzleloading activities.

Grande Ronde Muzzleloaders shoot every month. Volunteers put on each monthly shoot and are responsible for the type of targets used. They might be all steel targets in a simulated woods walk, all paper targets, or a combination of both. The imagination of the person putting on the match is the only limiting factor.

Labor Day weekend the Muzzleloaders host a four-day rendezvous with categories for all ages: adults (men and women), peewees, and older kids. Shooting matches for flintlock and percussion rifles and pistols, and trade guns are held. Tomahawk and knife throwing, a scenic woods walk with steel targets, silhouettes, and occasionally some primitive archery events are included in the weekend fun. To receive details about the next Rendezvous, subscribe to our email list.

Monthly shoots and the yearly rendezvous are always open to the public.

Black Powder Nuze

May 2024

FINALLY — a really good day to shoot –SO we shot. We had 9 shooters this time, Lookin up! We were havin so much fun just standin around BSn then decided to dirty our guns and get with the program. We started with hand guns at 25 yds, 10 shots at a bullseye tgt.

Mtn man                85xx
Sunshine                83xx
Kayle                       48
Windy Lee              37
Limb Slayer            31
Crockett                 24  Seems the gun wouldn’t cooperate.
Chinook                  0    Did he borrow Crockett’s gun?

Then we went to long guns, 25 yd small bull  — a 50 yd bigger bull — a 100 yd really bigger bull, then a 5 shot steel trail, then a 10 block H/K trail and it sorted out like this: 

                       25 yd              50 yd            100yd           steel trail         H/K trail            total
Mtn Man          46                    37                 23                    30                 80                  216x
Crockett           35                    35x                13                   40                  60                  183x
Sunshine          40x                   22x                 2                    40                 70                  174xx
Limb Slayer      41                    35                   2                    30                  60                  168
Kayle                37                    28                   3                    20                  35                  123
Chinook           39x                   30                   2                    30                 dnt                 101x
Windy Lee        33                    17                   0                    10                  25                   85
Tiger Paw         26x                    0                   dns                 dns                10                  36x
Soggy Balls      20                    6                     0                     10                 dnt                 36x

Now here was a tie but we gave it to Tiger paw cuz he is a jr and had to borrow a hawk to boot SO!!!!

That’s it for this month see you in July. We are skippin June because of the annual stick flinger rondy.

Don’t forget Seneca rondy Memorial Day week end. It’s a good one

~Mtn Man


Schedule & Location

Second Sunday
(check calendar in case we cancel)

100-Yard River Range

Match times:
Pistol match at 10am
Rifle match at 11am

Fees & Participation

Monthly match fees:

  • Adults $5
  • Age 12-18 $2.50
  • Under age 12 shoot free

Rendezvous Fees: TBD

Required/Recommended Gear


  • Eye and ear protection
  • Blackpowder Rifle or Pistol
  • Appropriate muzzleloading supplies (percussion caps, powder, flint, etc.)