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Grande Ronde Muzzleloaders - A discipline of the LaGrande Rifle & Pistol Club

Grande Ronde Muzzleloaders was established in 1972 to help promote the sport of muzzleloading. It was started to help teach anyone who wanted to have fun at competition shooting and be safe doing so. The club was also a way to work with the ODFW to help promote better black powder hunting seasons.

Muzzleloading sports is a good excuse to dress up in the oldtime mountain man gear, build our own rifles, and learn the skills of an earlier time.

The sport of muzzleloading is very family oriented and kids of all ages, five to ninety can get together to have a friendly shooting competition and help those who want to enjoy their muzzleloading guns safely.

Grande Ronde Muzzleloaders shoot every month, usually the second Sunday, at the River Range at the La Grande Rifle and Pistol Club complex. Pistol matches generally start at about 11:00 a.m. and rifle matches start at about 1:00 p.m. Volunteers put on each monthly shoot and are responsible for the type of targets used. They might be all steel targets in a simulated woods walk, all paper targets, or a combination of both. The imagination of the person putting on the match is the only limiting factor.

Labor Day weekend the muzzleloaders host a four day rendezvous. There are categories for all ages; adults (men and women), peewees, and older kids. Shooting matches for flintlock and percussion rifles and pistols, and trade guns are held. Tomahawk and knife throwing, a scenic woods walk with steel targets, silhouettes, and occasionally some primitive archery events are included in the weekend fun. (a flyer will be sent to you also)

Monthly shoots and the yearly rendezvous are always open to the public.

Darrel Plank, Mountain Man

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