Precision Rimfire

two shooting stations along the twenty-two trail walk course

Discipline Director: MJ Vandine

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Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Rimfire is a long range, tactical style sport that involves movement between firing positions, engaging multiple targets and targets at various ranges on the same stage. PRS Rimfire 22 allows shooters to work on the fundamentals of long range marksmanship without the cost of centerfire ammunition.

Fundamentals include ranging targets, target identification, collecting and using “DOPE” (Data on Previous Engagements), tactical movement such as firing from behind cover and concealment, and marksmanship skills such as breathing, trigger control and posture.

We do not shoot from the bench, firing positions include prone, kneeling and supporting. A 50-yard shot may be the closest target you see all day shooting exclusively hanging steel targets. Scoring is per hit on the target rather than location of the hit. A nick is as good as a bullseye.

  • Participants must be able to change positions to and from from standing, kneeling and prone or a reasonable accommodation can be provided.
  • Stages are 2-4 minutes long and approximately 10 rounds per stage with a total of 10 stages.
  • Because there are 10 shots per stage, the participant’s rifle must be able to load up to 10 rounds at once or be able to be reloaded quickly (i.e., via a detachable magazine). Semi auto, bolt action, lever action, and pump are all acceptable.
  • Single shot rifles and tube magazines that hold fewer than 10 rounds are not recommended.
  • A scope, while not mandatory, is strongly recommended. Exposed turrets on the scope or another expedient method of “dialing” the scope for a particular distance is also recommended. “Kentucky Windage” or estimating drop by holding over the target is not advised and can cause safety concerns.
  • Participants are welcome to use tripods, bipods, scopes, rangefinders, shooting bags, slings, or any other equipment to help them complete the course of fire. However, the Match Director or their approved delegates reserve the right to prohibit any equipment they feel is unsafe or gives an unfair advantage.
  • Registering at Practiscore is not required, yet it helps us know how many people will attend for logistics.

With all the gear restrictions listed, we have loaner rifles available and encourage people to share equipment with others who are just starting out in the discipline. If this is something that interests you please attend and we will find something for you to shoot!

Schedule & Location

See Calendar for PRS match dates

300 Wickander Range

Match time: 9am – 12pm depending on number of participants

Fees & Participation

Match fees: $15

PRS Rimfire Rules

Register at Practiscore (not required)


Required Gear

  • Eye and ear protection
  • 100+ rounds of ammunition
  • .22LR only (no .22 Magnum, .17 HRM, or .22 shorts)
  • Rifles with capacity to hold 10+ rounds

Recommended Gear

  • Scope with dialing-in capability