La Grande Rifle & Pistol Club

Range Rules

Members and guest only unless attending an organized function. (Member must accompany guest)

Photo ID cards must be displayed at all times while using the range complex.

Gates should be kept closed (locked) at all times except during scheduled organized events.

Do not share gate combinations with non-members.

Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Know where others are at all times, especially rafters crossing the 100 yard range. Do not fire when others are in front of the firing line. Uncased, unshouldered or unholstered firearms must be unloaded and have actions opened unless on the firing line. All firearms must be directed downrange at appropriate paper or metal targets, (containers, jugs, bottles, and glass are not appropriate targets).

Targets shall be placed properly on backstops or stands (exceptions are allowed during organized events). No shooting at ground level targets.

Respect all other members, guests and property at our range. Absolutely no vandalism (please report any violations to the Club’s executive committee). Respect all wildlife occupying the range. Clean up after firing, use proper trash receptacles or pack it out with you.

Obey all commands given by Match Directors or Range Officers.

There will be no consumption of alcohol while the range is HOT. When the range is declared COLD all firing will cease. Range will be declared HOT before commencing to fire.

Hearing and eye protection are required for all shooters and spectators.

During extreme fire danger all ranges may be closed without notice by the direction of the Executive committee/Trustees.

Failure to comply with the above stated rules can result in termination of membership.