Club ranges are open to Club members and participants of organized events and matches. For match details, visit the pages for Disciplines that interest you. While membership is not required to attend Discipline matches, we encourage you to join for year-round access to the ranges.

club layout showing range locations

We do our best to keep the Club’s ranges safe and clean for members and their guests. As a volunteer membership operation, keeping up means everyone needs to do their part.

  • Clean up after yourself, and pack out what you pack in.
  • Use barrels as portable tables/supports, not targets.
  • Trees are a valuable commodity at the Club.
  • Use only appropriate targets as intended to be used.
  • Shoot only within ranges from designated shooting lines.
  • Anything painted red is off-limits as targets.
  • Equipment in and around containers/buildings is for organized events.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not shoot barrels.
  • Do not shoot trees.
  • Do not shoot bottles or other non-target items.
  • Do not shoot from Rankin Road, Hwy 244, or over fences.
  • Do not shoot anything painted red.
  • Do not move club equipment from storage areas.

100-Yard River Range

Situated between Hwy 244 and the Grande Ronde River, this range includes the 25-yard line and a 100-yard line. Both lengths constitute one range, so heed hot and cold states no matter which line you are on.

Shotgun patterning is allowed at this range only. 

Also, be aware and courteous of rafters on the river behind the range berms. 

300-Yard Wickander Range

The longest range at the Club, the 300-yard range has target lines at 100-, 200-, and 300-yard distances, with berms placed at various distances between.

The 25-yard line at the River Range replaces the 25-yard bore site range previously located at Wickander.

.22 Rim Fire Trail Walk

The .22 Trail Walk is a rustic hiking trail running parallel to Rankin Road with the entrance directly across from the entrance to the Wickander Range.

Twenty-five stations each provide a hint at the distance to and appearance of a metal target located on the hillside.

Shooters may use .22 long rifle or .22 pistol on the Trail Walk. For safety reasons, .22 magnum, .17 WSM, and .17 HMR are prohibited.

Pistol Range

Ten pistol bays are located a short drive through the gate at the top of the hill on Rankin Road.

Bays 1 – 3: Open to all firearms allowed per the [Range Rules], including shotguns and rifles.

Bays 4 – 10: Open to only handguns chambered in handgun calibers.

For steel targets:

  • Use .22 LR through 44 mag with muzzle energy up to 1,050 foot pounds and up to 1,500 feet per second.
  • Shoot from at least 20 yards for .22 long rifle, or at least 7 yards for all others.